testing guide

an insider's look at usability testing

Many documents, courses and other resources describe usability design, computer-human interaction, and other aspects of usability. Some of these resources also include information about how to conduct usability research.

However, many of these resources take academic approaches to usability testing that can be less practical than traditional market research techniques. Frequently, these methodologies are misapplied because they are too expensive or cumbersome to fully implement. The result is that many companies have institutionalized usability research methodologies that are impractical or out of step with common market research practices.

This document is a practical guide to usability research. It includes traditional as well as innovative research methodologies, takes into account budget considerations, and offers detailed suggestions for conducting usability tests. It is intended as a resource for qualitative researchers, user experience professionals, and web designers.

Table of Contents


  • Who is this guide for?
  • Usability testing
  • Process
    • How to get the right respondents
    • Recruiting _Getting the most out of your moderator/researcher
  • Methodology choices
    • Usability interviews
    • Determining scope of test
  • Developing a discussion guide or task list
  • Asking the questions (Top 10 tips)
    • A short primer on how not to ask questions
  • Viewing Guidelines
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